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Public Awareness of Outdoor Wood Boilers ----- News, Facts, and Research

"No person deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law"

5th Amendment U.S. Constitution 

First, welcome to our page, before you get started PLEASE VISIT OUR OWB FAQS PAGE . Also please view the Outdoor Wood Boiler Brochure .  This page is also dedicated to creating a space for us to fight for our freedom of having clean air to breathe in our own residence.  The fall of 2006 was when our freedom to have clean air to breathe was taken from us.  We live in a small rural town about 35 miles east of St. Louis, MO.  The location of where we live is very rural, yet because of our location, we are minutes away from a booming metropolis.  So, one would think that our village leaders would be current with new technologies and trends. We initially started this website to fight for OWB sanctions in Illinois, but overtime our scope has grown and we are for making people aware in not only the United States, but foreign countries as well. 

The purpose of this website is to provide you with an understanding of what an Outdoor Wood Boiler is and how it can significantly change the lives of a person, like it has changed our lives.  We hope this site along with our MySpace page will help you see how much of an engineering disaster that an Outdoor Wood Boiler is.

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Photo Courtesy of: Washington Dept. of Ecology


Our Mission:

My wife and I developed this page to show the horror of how lives can change because of the selfish action of a neighbor.  Having clean air to breathe is a fundamental common law right.  In our very first home, as newly married couple, we were forced to live with and breathe smoke on a continual basis because of an Outdoor Wood Boiler located directly across from our residence.  Eventually, without any support from our elected and public officials we left our residence and cut our losses and moved on with our lives.  We were not just fighting for our own rights, but the rights of everyone else who wishes to breathe clean air. We manage our time now the best that we can to update this page, because even after nearly five years of us leaving our residence the debate over OWBs has only increased.  We hope the information on this page will benefit anyone who has a similar situation, and will find our experiences resourceful in the continuing battle for clean air.  We have been researching and collecting data and news articles for nearly seven years now and this website is the result of all of that research. THE PURPOSE OF THIS PAGE IS TO REVEAL THE NEWS, FACTS AND RESEARCH ABOUT OUTDOOR WOOD BOILERS.  THIS WEBSITE IS DESIGNED TO BE USED AS AN INFORMATIVE TOOL. The items you will find on these pages are straight from resources all found on the world wide web, many in which the OWB industry does not want you to know about.  What you do with the information found on this site is completely up to you the reader. 


Photo Courtesy of: Maine (DEP) Bureau of Air Quality

 About Us:

This is why we do what we do: 

We were a recently newly married couple who moved into our first home in December of 2005.  The fall of 2006 was when our nightmare began.  We were an average couple trying to make ends meet, and had been struggling to do so.  We hoped to one day start a family, but felt that our financial strain could not allow us to do so.  We certainly also feared the health risks of exposing a child to a lifestyle of constant smoke inhalation.  We feel that not only our clean air has been taken from us, but also the opportunity for us to start a family was as well. Eventually, we were forced to move from our home and "start over" in another community.

Since then, we have continued our efforts in making a PUBLIC AWARENESS of Outdoor Wood Boilers. Unfortunately, to our dismay the momentum has been pushed to claiming OWBs are "eco-friendly" despite it being a proven fact, over 20 years of research, that they are not. Now the OWB industry shields itself as a "green" product despite numerous studies and research disproving the industry's statements that their products are helpful to the environment. 

We have been building this page now for years to help those who may have been harmed by OWBs who are searching for the truth about Outdoor Wood Boilers. This page is also designed to educate those pondering the use of an Outdoor Wood Boiler. 



Photo Courtesy of: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, 2010 

How much farther must this tolerance of polluted air from Outdoor Wood Boilers go? 


Please examine the many features of this page, including the pictures and videos in which we have uploaded.   


YouTube Video Slideshow Courtesy of: G. Leslie Sweetnam, 2009                       YouTube Video Courtesy of: Dirty Aviston, Aviston, IL , 2010


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THIS SITE WAS ORIGINALLY CREATED TO SUPPLEMENT OUR MySpace PAGE.  However, over time this page has become our primary website as we view our MySpace Page as a Social Network page (like Facebook and YouTube) and not a true website. The information we have collected had grown so substantially, that we basically could not place anything else on MySpace.  Thus, most of our efforts have been placed in keeping this page maintained while our MySpace and Facebook pages are secondary priority wise. However, please do not be deterred to visit us on Facebook, MySpace, or YouTube.  

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Emissions Standards (source: Burning Issues)

Outdoor Wood Boilers Don't Create Smoke!

As many of you who have stumbled across this page may know, some in the OWB industry claim OWBs are harmless and are friendly to the environment. Please watch the videos below and let me know if you think that this is healthy for you or the environment. Below are two examples of "the smokiest" OWB videos we have found. If you have one you recorded and uploaded to YouTube let us know.


Location: Aviston, IL                                                                                  Location: Central Pennsylvania


Our Personal Battle With Outdoor Wood Boilers

This site along with MySpace was originally intended to be used in our own personal case dealing with a neighbor's Outdoor Wood Boiler. Over time we found so much useful information, that we felt it necessary to share it with the entire world.  We hope anything you find on this page to be useful if you are also being victimized by an Outdoor Wood Boiler. 

Below you will find some items regarding our own case with an Outdoor Wood Boiler. To learn more about our case, if interested, please visit the History Of Our Home, The Story of the OWB, and Effects on Our Lives pages on this site.

The Smoke Blowing at us in the Winter of 2006

Photo taken from our front porch in the Fall of 2006. The OWB was less than 100 feet from our front porch. 



A Map We Created: (Distance of Boiler from our residence)


This page was solely designed to be a collection of facts, data, and news surrounding Outdoor Wood Boilers. We do not express any opinions on this page aside from the  "About Us", "FAQS", "Effects on Our Lives", "Blog", and "Links" sections of these pages. All of the information placed on this page has been well documented and is readily available for free on the world wide web. This site is intended to give you, the reader, the facts, latest news, and truths about the Outdoor Wood Boiler industry and its usage of its products. In no way do we endorse or discredit any product that may be discussed on this website. We simply give you, the reader, the decision to make sound judgments with the information we provide. 



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